What People Say about Alexander Technique in New York

Erik Seadale, Alexander Technique Teacher

Recommendations and testimonials

“Erik is an AMAZING teacher, and the Alexander technique is a life-changing technique. 

I’m an actor, and studying with Erik has helped with my craft tremendously. But, more importantly, it’s been so beneficial in my everyday life. I’ve had a nagging lower back problem for over a decade, and I’ve been able to reduce it significantly. Overall, I use my body more efficiently. It’s like learning simple secrets of the universe. 

Erik is very patient, attentive and, basically, a cool guy to hang with. He’s passionate about the Alexander method, and is genuinely happy to share his incredible wealth of knowledge. He tailors his lessons according to your individual needs, and stresses that he’s teaching you how to use the technique long term rather than simply offering a physical therapy session. He thoroughly prepares you for a lifetime of better habits. Jason J, Client

“Until I worked with Erik I never knew how little I could actually
move. Working with him raised my awareness about my body and prevented
chronic pain. I was impressed with Erik’s patience and teaching
qualities. Through the process I grew to appreciate the essence of the
Alexander technique – that one must be aware of and modify movement to
be efficient while breathing and letting it go.” Shai C, current client.

“As a singer I started working with Erik for general posture/breath support issues. He is a wonderful teacher, very kind & gentle – but firm (he doesn’t let me slack off!). I feel I’m a better singer. Plus I feel taller.”  – Wendy Russell, Professional Singer.”

“I have been working with Erik Seadale for 4 months have found his instruction enormously helpful. I would recommend his instruction to anyone struggling with debilitating posture.” John C. client

“I can definitely see how the Alexander technique is very helpful in performing and also in my private life. As I progressed in <Mr. Seadale’s> class I continuously got a new grasp on it.”   Karoline Fischer, actor and former student.

“I have found the Alexander Technique to be extremely beneficial for movement and for acting.  I have much less knee pain when doing daily activities.It has been ‘eye-opening to see how much tension I have held.”  Steven McKenna, actor and former student.

“Now my posture is so strong…I consciously think ‘up and out’.  I am becoming much more aware.  Liam Steven Haynes, actor and former student.

“It has helped a lot, especially movement-wise for the actor.  It has made me very aware of my body and unnecessary tensions and also with keeping a clear mind set for performance.” Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Grayson, actor and former student.