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The Alexander Technique (AT) with Erik Seadale

What does a technique practiced by the world’s greatest actors have to do with your aching back or neck?  The AT enables actors to cope with physically demanding performances without damaging their health.  This same technique can protect the long-term health of you and your team in the workplace.

The AT is a simple but powerful method to keep us aware of how we use (or misuse!) our mind and body as we perform our daily activities.  This awareness aids natural healing–we no longer continue to aggravate injuries– and allows us to avoid typical workplace injuries, e.g., back or neck pain, repetitive stress injury, or tendinitis.

With over a century of success, this method has enabled thousands to live more productive and healthier lives, including myself. The British Medical Journal affirms the AT as an effective treatment for back pain and an alternative to many surgeries.  A Spanish government agency found that the AT dramatically cut office absenteeism for numerous businesses.  In companies such as Google, Siemens AG and Unicible the AT is employed to prevent injuries and ensure a productive workflow.  Swiss watchmaker Victorinox “considers the AT to be a main prevention tool in the area of workplace health, as well as for preventing musculoskeletal disorders.”

The basics of the AT can be learned in as few as 7 lessons.  The results – happier, healthier employees –  will recoup the investment many times over.  I’m confident that a free 20-minute workshop will demonstrate the benefits of the AT to your organization*.

*Further details and to arrange a workshop  Initial diagnostic lesson, $90  Regular lessons, $80, special 6-lesson package for $400. (individual/groups) Discount offer available. Contact: Erik Seadale or leave a message at: (646) 397-7376

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