My Alexander Technique Experience and Education

I studied the Alexander Technique for three years in London at the Constructive Teaching Centre (CTC), the original school founded by Walter Carrington, F.M. Alexander€™s teaching assistant.

While training, I headed the Student Network for UK Alexander Technique trainees. In this capacity, I was fortunate to learn from several excellent AT teachers who were also trained in medicine, theater, music, running, swimming, horseback riding, bicycling and psychology.

After I graduated in July 2009, I stayed on at the CTC as an assistant teacher for another term. During and after my training, I gained valuable experience assisting as an Alexander Technique teacher on the MA course for actors at Arts Educational School London and at the London Academy for Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

Since returning to New York City, I have had post-graduate training at the Dimon Institute. I have taken on private clients and assisted at osteopath’s clinic. I have worked as a teacher at an AT training school. In addition, I have taught classes on the AT to acting students at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.

I am certified to teach by both the British and American Alexander Technique professional organizations, STAT and AmSAT, have professional liability insurance and adhere to a professional code of conduct.  I spent three years (1600 hours) in full-time training to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

Contact me at alexanderworkshops(at)gmail(dot)com or (646) 397-7376