Alexander Technique: the trick to banishing bad habits

7 Feb 12 @ 05:41pm by ALEX WARD

PENELOPE Carr helps fix bad habits.

From her Rozelle clinic she assists sports people, musicians, office workers and nurses reprogram their body using the Alexander Technique.

“It’s a re-education process that teaches you how to unlearn habits,” she said.

The technique increases the awareness of the body through dialogue and gentle manual guidance.

Ms Carr discovered the technique after 15 years working in ceramics.

“I was doing heavy labour lifting raw materials and my body was a mess,” Ms Carr said.

“The technique completely changed my life and now I see people and help them transform their lives.”

Anxiety is the biggest problem faced by Ms Carr’s patients.

“People are coming to me in their thirties with anxiety problems,” she said.

“It’s a huge problem now because everything is going too fast.”

* Individual, small group and Qi gong/yoga sessions available
* At 46 Alfred St, Rozelle
* Information: Call 9810 4347 or visit

* Was developed by Tasmanian actor F.M. Alexander, who lost his voice, but through observation was able to change his thinking and free his voice and his whole body
* Good for those who sit at computers for a long time, have pain, repetitive strain injury
* Helps: Reduce tension and postural stress; gain a deeper understanding of the body, mind and self; achieve more with less effort; enhance performance in all daily activities

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